Fragrance Diffuser – Lacrosse – Green Tea & Lime


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Description of fragrance diffuser

If elegance gave off a scent that would be any of Lacrosse’s fragrances: these reed diffusers represent the perfect balance between modernity and classicism. The collection puts together fragrances where different aromatic melodies fill in the spaces in a powerful and captivating way.

The bottle creates a unique set of colors according to the scent and its color. Each bottle is a pure figure, to which the wood cap is added to stylize and give nobleness. The rattan sticks release the perfume gradually: the porosity of these reeds, allows the fragrance to rise up for each of them and the diffusion of the perfume is natural and continuous.

Lacrosse has been created with Ambientair’s know-how. Its style is timeless. A striking and recognizable design paired with an interesting chromatic effect, directly inspired by nature hues. This makes it the most extraordinary collection of the brand, where we instantly recognize Ambientair’s DNA.

Just like in architecture, we find a balanced harmony between functionality and art in its products. Lacrosse perfectly fits in your home décor and fills the atmosphere with an exquisite fragrance.

Diving inside Lacrosse’s universe is like traveling for inspiration. The adventurous spirit blends into the creative soul to create each of its emblematic home fragrances, inspired by natural elements and capable of making your heart beats. An unknown collection that distills authenticity and whose aromatic notes emerge the experiences lived in the quest of each essence, its origins and its influences.


Fragrance family: citrus and aromatic.
• Top: Mexico lime and eucalyptus leaf.
• Middle: Matcha green tea and ginger root.
• Base: amber and litsea.

Green tea with a sweet and intense flavor, flavored with lime peel and ginger root. The fragrance paints days full of light; the birth of the sparkling curiosity, instinctive and fresh.

Bright, versatile, fascinating. A new and exciting place undiscovered.

How to use

Place the sticks in the liquid – more sticks used, more intensity – then rotate the sticks weekly, using a paper towel hold them. Enjoy the subtle and continuous fragrance.


  • Collection Lacrosse
  • 100 / 200 ml.
  • 77 x 77 x 242 mm. / 89 x 88 x 300 mm.
  • More than 3 months of fragrance
  • Made in Spain
  • Long-lasting formula
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