We were born with the aim of becoming a leading company in the sale, manufacture and distribution of the best aromatic products for the home, garden and office in our country, Spain, as well as in the rest of the world.

Since 1997, our history has been marked by dynamism, flexibility and constant adaptation to the market. Without losing our essence, we have been able to adapt to each customer and each style. We have always been faithful to our quality standards and we know how to identify consumer needs.

One of the strategies to achieve our objectives is continuous evolution. We look for innovation in our field, we study the market and we work to give our customers products that really meet their expectations.

Our brand stands out inside and outside Spain: we are suppliers in many countries generating a large volume of exports. This has been possible thanks to strategic alliances, the creation of subsidiaries and the introduction of our production facilities.

After Ambientair has exceeded our objectives year after year, we are the Spanish branded company with the largest global reach in its field. We are in the process of international expansion, and after almost 20 years our goal is to improve every day and continue to grow as we are doing in more than 40 countries around the world.


In order to achieve our objectives and become what we are today, at Ambientair we have worked and trusted in our project, getting involved product by product to achieve the best results. Our factory is located in the city of Segovia, Spain, where the quality raw materials we work with every day travel.

Our candles, mikados and other air fresheners are tested and subjected to rigorous analysis to ensure that they have the essence of Ambientair.

Thanks to our great team, the basic components and elements are transformed into excellent products that travel to shops and homes all over the world.

Our formulas are alcohol-free and long-lasting, so the scents are not altered and the fragrances evaporate more slowly. This %22savoir faire%22, combined with technology and our continuous innovation, makes our way easier and opens the way to new frontiers.

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